Struggling to build a meditation habit? 🧘 🧘‍♂️

We help you find a human fellow meditator as an accountability partner to mutually achieve your meditation goals. Its free now!

What our meditators say

We have just started but have already matched 13 pairs together so far!

I kept failing to form a meditation habit until I found my accountability partner, Ritesh via KeepMeditating - and it he helped me cross over the 21 day mark!

Software Engineer

I enjoy meditating - don't need an app to do it through I was struggling to keep the practice going until I found my partner to keep me going. I help her too so I feel great to give back, despite our busy lives.

Tech Exec

I just needed someone (and not another app or notification) to help me get back into meditation after going through a tough time during COVID, glad I found this service.

Self Employed / Marketing Agency

Supported meditation apps

Share your meditations from any of these supported apps with your accountability partner.

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